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Today's home security systems are completely useful and more secure.  You can control your system from anywhere through a mobile app, and it works all the time so you can know what's happening around your home wherever you are.   

  • New Technology: Mobile apps allow you to interact with your home in completely new ways, from wherever you happen to be. Arm/disarm your system remotely, set reminders and personalized alerts. 
  • 24/7 Security, No Matter What: Central monitoring stations, staffed 24/7 by security professionals, to respond to emergencies. Professional monitoring ensures a response when an alarm is signaled (whether smoke, fire or break-in) and dispatches emergency services.
  • Reliability: Cellular based systems avoid the reliability issues associated with broadband internet connections and home routers that we all experience from time to time.  A dedicated cellular connection also protects against common vulnerabilities like having the cable cord cut from the outside of the house, and avoids home network complications such as weak or forgotten passwords. 
  • Smart Home Platform: A security system is the foundation of a smart home. You can add a smart thermostat, smart lighting, video doorbell, connected garage doors and more! Also compatible with other smart devices like Google Home, Amazon Echo, or the Apple Watch.

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Pricing based on Wireless option, for hard wired options and pricing please call for a quote. Additional Equipment Available.

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