Surveillance Systems


Many businesses are facing internal security risks like employee theft, fraudulent lawsuits, reputation damage, and theft of intellectual property. When combined with the outside risks of break-ins, vandalism, and shoplifting, businesses need to reassess their current security situation. A surveillance system is another layer of protection for your business.

Theft Prevention

A surveillance system’s primary benefit is to deter a criminal act from happening. While intrusion systems offer great protection when your business is closed, surveillance systems allow business owners to monitor their site in real time and remotely. High-resolution images allow users to easily identify problems with staff or customers. Strategically placed cameras help prevent those with access and intent of stealing your intellectual property. 

Employee & Equipment Management

Spot employees that are not doing their job, doing their job incorrectly or not using their time efficiently. Simply knowing the boss may be watching their performance can motivate employees to be more productive. Employees will also feel safer at work knowing that there is a surveillance system protecting them and their personal belongings.  Video can also be used to monitor equipment, identify problems that may cause delays, monitor shipments, or monitor subcontractors work. 

Reduce Liability

By combining high resolution images with sound recording capabilities, businesses can record all that happens within their facility.  This video may be kept as necessary in the event of any unforeseen incidents such as fraudulent lawsuits. Business owners can also monitor their employee’s safety procedures and help them improve their work techniques before an injury happens that may cause a workman’s compensation claim. 

Improve Customer Experience

Many retail businesses use their video surveillance to study customer shopping habits, optimize store traffic patterns, improve product placement, and ensure a positive customer experience. Cameras also in still a safer, more inviting store environment for customers. 


  • Remote access from your computer or smartphone
  • Remotely move pan/tilt cameras to see different views of your location.
  • View multiple locations from one device
  • Enterprise VMS solutions for large facilities and institutions
  • Multiple storage options
  • Advanced Video Analytics

Surveillance Consultation

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