Fire Alarm Systems


Many commercial companies are looking to protect their business and employees from the threat of fire, and in many areas, they are required. Without a properly installed, regularly tested and routinely serviced fire alarm system, you are putting yourself, your employees, and your business at risk. Our commercial fire alarms could be the difference in saving your business. FOSS Security has the expertise to provide all of your installation, maintenance, monitoring and testing requirements. 

Fire Alarm Features & Benefits:

  • FOSS Security primarily uses non-proprietary product lines, so anyone can service and support your system. This is different from our competition who like to lock you into a certain brand of equipment, guaranteeing them for all repairs in the future.
  • With our Nicet Level III Fire Alarm Designer/Technician on staff, we can provide installation and service for various size systems.
    • Small – A 1-loop system with 50-points is the perfect fit.
    • Medium - A 1-loop system with 198-points allows room for expansion as your needs grow.
    • Large - A 2-loop system with expansion capability of up to 636 addressable devices.
  • Our systems are easy to use, very flexible, and allow programming without any additional hardware. They also use the same programming platform to provide an easy transition from small to larger systems.
  • Built-in programmable synchronization conforms to present day code requirements without the need for additional hardware or labor.
  • Our systems can provide the capability to identify devices by detector or module type to establish fire protection across the entire facility within minutes.
  • IP and cellular communication options
  • Design and installation of voice evacuation systems.
  • Fast service response times!

Fire Alarm Consultation

Protect your business from the threat of fire with a Fire Alarm System from FOSS Security.  Call us 605-339-0575 for a free consultation.

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