Access Control

card access

When it comes to the security of your business, you’ll likely consider intrusion and surveillance systems, but incorporating access control is another way to boost your overall security and property value.  It has emerged as a valued solution to building and property security; keep out unwanted guests, eliminate the need for keys, and help secure private information.

Eliminate Keys

  • Never worry about re-keying doors when a key is lost or someone leaves the company.  With a card access system, all you need to do is issue a new card and you ready to go.
  • Unlike traditional keys, proximity cards are very difficult to duplicate and with all of your card holders in a software database it is very easy to check who has access to which doors and when.

Safety and Management

  • Card access helps manage site security with contract staff or permanent staff that leave the company.
  • You have the ability to determine if an employee accessed an area were a theft or destruction of company assets has occurred.
  • Improve staff management with reports showing staff movement and timing.
  • Set schedules to automatically lock doors after hours, preventing unwanted visitors from gaining access.
  • Improve safety in case of a disaster (natural or man-made), with a push of a button you can lock down an entire building or return it to normal.  In other cases, parts of a building can be evacuated and sealed off preventing anyone from entering the danger area until emergency services have arrived.

Privacy Protection

  • Due to more stringent privacy laws, businesses such as health care, insurance companies, and financial institutions face new levels of confidentiality.  Access control gives you the ability to set user level access to building areas or rooms, minimizing your exposure to risk.

Card Access Features

  • Simplified browser-based software, mobile apps, and more intuitive user interfaces, allowing users to more easily manage the system.
  • Integration with security and video systems to bridge all facets of security management together for a complete solution.
  • Wireless door lock integration
  • Simple one door systems to full enterprise solutions capable of handling multiple facilities across multiple states.
  • Compatible with multiple data sources - All OLE DB Providers, SQL Server 2000-2008, Microsoft Access, Active Directory, Oracle, LDAP, Text, CSV, XML

Access Control Consultation

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