commercial security

Commercial Security

Alarm/Intrusion Systems


FOSS Security believes that your business is part of you and your livelihood.  That is why it's worth protecting with intelligent security systems designed to perfectly fit your business, your way of operating it, and your budget.

Commercial businesses are facing many internal security risks like employee pilferage, fraudulent lawsuits, reputation damage, and theft of intellectual property. When combined with the outside risks of burglary, robbery, and shoplifting, businesses need to reassess their current security to make sure they are keeping up with the world we operate in today. 

Intrusion detection systems are the most common and most affordable way to protect your business.  With all the advancements to these types of systems, you would be amazed at how much protection and management functions you can get at an affordable price.


Business Management with makes it easier to monitor activities at your business, whether it’s one location or multiple locations, even when you’re not there. With customizable alerts, you can instantly see whether the business opened on time, know who disarmed the security system, and even get alerts on your phone if a secure area is accessed. 

Engineered for reliability,’s interactive security and patented Crash & Smash protection keeps your business protected from tampering, power outages, and service interruptions. You’ll be able to stay in control of your business’s security, and manage employee access from anywhere.


  • Check the system status remotely to know if it’s armed or disarmed and can arm/disarm remotely if needed.
  • Get a No-Show Alert if the business isn’t opened on time.
  • Monitor daily or weekly opening/closing activity trends.
  • Manage employee user codes across multiple locations.
  • Easily remove employee user codes for terminated employees.
  • Manage multiple locations in one centralized dashboard.
  • Set automated arming schedules
  • Lock and unlock your back door for staff and deliveries

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