When fire, carbon monoxide or water leaks threaten your home, alarm.com gives you proactive environmental protection and awareness that traditional security can't.


This solution uses water sensors to detect leaks. These small devices are easy to install and can be placed in your home's most vulnerable areas. You can place them under your sink, behind your washing machine, in the closet where your water heater is, or by your basement door. 

Once your sensors are installed and configured, your Alarm.com system will recognize where each one is, enabling it to instantly pinpoint the location of a detected water leak. The minute one of your water sensors detects a leak, your system will alert you on your smartphone. Right away, you can start fixing the problem.

CO & Smoke Detectors

Your first defense against the elements is detection. With connected smoke and carbon monoxide sensors, your system will instantly pinpoint a danger area in your home. 

In the event of fire, your professional monitoring service will spring into action immediately. A security professional will assess the situation immediately and dispatch emergency services if needed. Whether you're home or away, help will be at hand.  

Emergency Buttons

In case of a fire, kids choking, or someone getting injured, just push a button and know help is on the way. 

Free Consultation

 At FOSS Security, our experts listen to your needs, assess your home, then create the right plan for your lifestyle and budget. When you’re ready to protect what matter most, give us a call for a free consultation.  

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