whole home control


Smart Thermostat: Wirelessly connected to all of the devices in your security system, it understands what is happening throughout your home. If a window or door is left open it's contact sensor let's the thermostat know so it can cut back the AC until it is closed. On extremely cold or hot days it can adjust by a few degrees to help you save energy. Your smart thermostat can also be controlled when you're away through the app on your mobile device.

Temperature Sensors: Installed on any interior wall and wirelessly connected to your smart thermostat, they provide a room by room temperature reading of your whole house, letting you customize you comfort in different areas. As well as controlling your HVAC, temperature sensors can also help you avoid big ticket home repairs by alerting you of unexpected temperature changes.

Locks & Lighting

Smart locks:  Most smart locks feature a numerical keypad, which lets you unlock your doors with a four-digit code instead of a physical key. You can create a different code for each member of the family, and also for trusted visitors. If your smart lock is installed as part of a smart home security system, you'll be able to control your lock through your main app, alongside other devices in your home. Smart locks come with the option to send an alert when a specific user opens your door with their code. Alerts are great for keeping tabs on kids after school when you're not there, or for checking that a contractor arrived on time.  

Smart Lighting:  Connected seamlessly to other devices through a central platform, and installed either at the switch or with a simple plug-in module, this approach gets you more from your smart lighting.  As part of a smart home, smart lights can deter burglars by making your home look occupied when you're not there. As well as controlling them remotely, you can set realistic schedules that mimic real life, such as having your lights come on at sunset, or at slightly randomized times. You can also take advantage of motion sensors to turn front porch lights into motion-triggered security lighting.  

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